胡玛纳 Powers Digital Channels with OutSystems to Gain 4x Agility Boost

4x faster delivery
7 应用程序 和 growing
6 months saved on first app

When 布鲁斯做仆役长 joined 胡玛纳 as Digital Channels Director in 2018, the team often struggled to deliver on time, 预算, 和 at the required quality. With three years prior experience with OutSystems, Bruce knew that a platform approach to app dev was the answer.

胡玛纳的数字团队在8周内完成了OutSystems的第一个项目,而不是手工编码估计的8个月. With shackles removed, the digital team has since delivered numerous solutions—four times faster, at a quarter of the cost, while over-delivering on scope 和 quality.

  • Customer Experience
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Process Automation
  • 网络应用程序 & 门户网站

"A platform approach to app dev makes the impossible possible. 在提高质量的同时,交付速度提高四倍,这是一个改变游戏规则的过程——使大量以前风险或成本高昂的创新变得可行."

布鲁斯做仆役长 Digital Channels Director, 胡玛纳

Our Top Three Digital 挑战s? Time to Market. 期.

胡玛纳 Inc, a top-five U.S. healthcare company, 以提供综合护理为使命,帮助数百万会员实现终身幸福. 该公司自20世纪60年代以来在护理交付和自20世纪80年代以来的健康计划管理方面都有成功的历史.

"Before joining 胡玛纳, I'd spent three years as CTO of a couple of start-ups," explains 布鲁斯做仆役长, Digital Channels Director, 胡玛纳. “我曾经体验过采用平台方式进行应用开发可以极大地缩短应用上市时间. 令我兴奋的是在胡玛纳这样的大型组织中实施同样的方法."

然而, 胡玛纳—ranked #41 on the Fortune 500 和 with over 48,当谈到快节奏的数字创新时,它面临着几个挑战. A complex architecture—including COTS 和 SaaS products, on-premises legacy systems, 和 multiple Cloud environments—meant IT had to tread carefully, 特别是考虑到保护数百万会员的个人健康信息的重要性.

“We're delivering value every one-to-两个 days, rather than 两个-weekly. On some projects, 博鱼体育官网甚至在努力以足够快的速度编写用户故事来维持backlog—这就是为什么我说软件工程又有趣了.”

布鲁斯做仆役长 Digital Channels Director, 胡玛纳

"It took me six months to get my head around the complexity,”布鲁斯说. "We were looking to drive agile projects in one to three months, but delivery estimates were often 12 to 16-months."

A case in point was "Agent First Look," a sales enablement portal used by 40,000 sales agents to introduce upcoming annual health plans. "We needed to have this live in July of 2019, ahead of the fall open enrollment season," explains Bruce. “但博鱼体育官网预计的交付时间是8个月,这可能要比最后期限更久. 博鱼体育官网需要一种更快的方法,这为引入OutSystems提供了理想的机会."

为什么 胡玛纳 chose OutSystems:
  • Speed-up development 和 improve agility
  • Deliver web 和 mobile applications
  • Enable continuous delivery

A 平台 Approach 和 Co-delivery Unshackles Innovation

Given the urgency of this first project, 胡玛纳 formed a co-delivery team with OutSystems Professional 服务. OutSystems provided a scrum team, including an architect 和三个 developers. 胡玛纳 provided product owners, a project manager, UX 设计师, 和 copywriters.

Agent First Look 是在八周内完成,而不是传统开发所需的八个月. "There's more to this solution than meets the eye,”布鲁斯说. "While Medicare is a federal program, we create a myriad of plans that are tailored to hundreds of regional markets. Agent First Look的作用是简化这个复杂的产品矩阵,以便每个销售代理都能获得适用于其区域的产品和定价信息的个性化访问."


From a sales enablement perspective, launching Agent First Look ahead of the open enrollment season was a huge hit. 在发布时,胡玛纳在第一个小时内收到了来自4万名全国代理商的35000次访问. "Agents sell what they're confident in, 和 investing in their expertise also improves customer experience, so it's a win-win,”布鲁斯说.

此外, since federal 和 state health insurance regulations change annually, 对于每年的注册季,及时快速更新Agent First Look至关重要, the digital team now takes in its stride.

联合交付方法已经被证明是如此成功,胡玛纳现在定期与OutSystems交付伙伴合作 Cloud Development 资源 (CDR). 典型的项目交付团队包括6到10个人- cdr提供scrum团队, 和 胡玛纳 provides the product manager, product owners, 设计师, 和 copywriters.

“In our experience, OutSystems和博鱼体育官网的合作伙伴云开发资源(Cloud Development 资源)通过遵循以下最佳实践,帮助博鱼体育官网将技术债务降至最低 four-layer canvas architectural framework. The result—systems that perform well 和 are easy to enhance 和 maintain.”

布鲁斯做仆役长 Digital Channels Director, 胡玛纳

"胡玛纳 provides the what, 和 CDR provides the how," explains Bruce. "The split is around 60:40, which compares favorably to traditional development, 在我的经验中,哪个通常需要更多的开发人员和更高的交付成本."


Cloud Development 资源 - US

云开发资源是一家软件开发和IT解决方案提供商,提供OutSystems应用程序开发, Software Project Development (Enterprise-grade Systems,...

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Software 工程 is Fun Again—和 Four Times Faster

Multiple other portals 和 microsites have followed, 由于重用水平的提高,交付成本和工作持续下降. One such example is a portal called Annual Comprehensive Visit (ACV),指导医疗保健提供者促进和执行年度健康访问.

“博鱼体育官网的设计之美在于博鱼体育官网更新指南的速度, as federal 和 state health insurance regulations change each year,”布鲁斯说.

By turning ACV into a reusable template, 胡玛纳 now has an accelerator for any other portal or microsite, speeding delivery of sites such as 胡玛纳 FoundationValue-Based Care.

“Now that our 设计师 are familiar with OutSystems, 在某些情况下,他们从模板开始构建90%的解决方案, 只留下几个小时的工作,让更多的技术同事完成逻辑等方面的工作, data, 和 integration. That relieves pressure from hard-pressed developers.”

布鲁斯做仆役长 Digital Channels Director, 胡玛纳

胡玛纳数字团队新获得的敏捷性的一个有力例子是,当COVID危机袭来时,该团队能够快速响应新的紧急需求, as this video explains.

找到COVID检测中心突然成为向胡玛纳呼叫中心提出的首要要求. 客服人员正在努力处理一份庞大的测试中心详细信息表格, but the information was constantly changing.

The digital team had recently delivered a pharmacy finder app using OutSystems. 该架构使得将其转换为一个多用途的“医疗保健提供者查找器”变得很容易.该团队拥有在几个小时内交付COVID测试中心发现者所需的优势.

在一个周末的时间里,博鱼体育官网创造了一个网页应用去取代电子表格。”Bruce解释道. “下一个, we exp和ed the app with full back-office functions, 因此,一个由30名用户组成的团队可以不断更新全国测试地点数据库. Then working with CDR, we turned this into a mobile-friendly customer-facing app, 通过类似谷歌地图的搜索体验,帮助会员和呼叫中心代理自己找到测试地点. I'd say, not too bad for only a month's work!"

Speed to Market Delivered

Regarding the top challenge for digital innovation at 胡玛纳, Bruce is emphatic, "Speed to market is number one, 两个, 和三个!" But with a platform approach to application development, 胡玛纳's digital innovation team is faster than ever.


同样重要的是,胡玛纳的数字团队现在拥有快速迭代的敏捷性. Bruce解释说:“在周一还只是一个想法的增强功能,在周三就可以实现。. "We're delivering value every one-to-两个 days, rather than 两个-weekly. On some projects, 博鱼体育官网甚至在努力以足够快的速度编写用户故事来维持backlog—这就是为什么我说软件工程又有趣了."